Project 86

Project 86 is an American rock band from Orange County, California, that formed in 1996. The band has released eight albums, which have collectively sold nearly 500,000 units worldwide. Frontman Andrew Schwab’s poetic and introspective lyrics have addressed a wide variety of topics such as faith, conformity and seeking truth. Having been together for 11 years, the band has seen many ups and downs, but a continued desire to bring hope and change through the use of rock music has stayed a constant.

Project 86 approached us with a seemingly simple task: to create a live music video. Seeing plenty of bad live music videos, we wanted to approach this a little differently and hopefully capture the essence of a hard rock show. For us that meant a focus on slow motion. Taking those small moments of intense energy at a rock show and slowing them down. Having a pretty intense challenge of “nailing it” in a single take, since the show was actually live, and the added challenge of the not-so-optimal venue lighting, we are stoked how this piece turned out.

ClientProject 86DirectorTim TwinemDPJames Drake