Colorado-based Pactimo is not your average cycling-garment manufacturer. The joy and passion they put into their clothing is apparent from the second you meet anyone on their team. Pactimo (pac-TEAM-O) has found continuous inspiration in Colorado’s breathtaking beauty and extreme conditions to develop cycling apparel for every climate, elevation and adventure. Since 2003, they’ve shipped over 1.5 million garments to champions, teams, clubs and individual cyclists around the globe.

Pactimo approached us wanting a film that captured the essence of their brand, which exists not only on a bike, but specifically in Colorado. When we first met the Pactimo team, their passion for the road, their clothing and their clients was infectious. For them, the road is a poem, and each cyclist experiences that poem differently. It was quickly apparent that the only way to approach this production was through an abstract, poetic expression of the road.

ClientPactimoServicesVideo Production, CopywritingDirectorTim TwinemDPJacob LewisCopywriterOakley Meredith