Hippo Health

The traditional method of scheduling doctor appointments, sitting for hours in waiting rooms, and spending too much money on easy-to-fix health problems is something no one should have to deal with. Hippo Health is a new approach to on-demand healthcare, giving patients instant access to local physicians through an easy-to-use mobile app and membership plan.

When the team at Hippo Health approached us about making a brand identity film for them, we came up with an idea for something beyond your standard informational video. Decades ago, people could quickly and simply connect with their doctor when a problem arose. We believed they needed a way to illustrate what healthcare used to look like, and how it can still be that way.

ClientHippo HealthServicesVideo Production, CopywritingDirectorJacob LewisProducerMolly WalkerDPRC WalkerCopywriterSarah LewisEditorTim Twinem


We worked with Hippo Health to develop the concept, script and production of their commercial campaign.


We found ourselves filming in wind, rain and snow over the course of 3 days at 5 different locations.


We cut and color-graded this project. Finishing was important, to differentiate modern and old.